I-SEEED Youths, empowering the communities

To empower youths through their Physical, Social, Educational, Entrepreneurial, and Environmental Development.

A little about us

I-SEEED Youths is a Youth-focused organization that caters to the empowerment of youths between the ages of 3-35 through their Physical, Social, Educational, Entrepreneurial, and Environmental Development. We do this through means of Outreach Programs, Community & Environmental Services, Social Interventions, Mentorship Programs, Educational Enrichment, Remedial Classes, Advocacy, Career Development, Workshops, Counseling, and Sports

Our Core Values ACT RIGHTS


We are accountable to our participants, families, community, donors/funders, and stakeholders.


We provide empathetic and compassionate services to all but especially the vulnerable youths.


We commit to working together with all our valued team members and stakeholders towards the enhancement of youth development.


We believe that all people have inherent values, regardless of culture, belief, personal abilities, or disabilities, and should be treated with dignity and love.


We will ensure that this is the foundation of all our individual and collective actions.


We will give persons more than they deserve irrespective of the cause of their need and without regard to national, cultural, or religious boundaries.


We will allow selflessness, and dignity, staying stable and maintaining power on the inside, and not needing to control others on the outside.


we commit to urgent action, transformation, innovation, inspiration, and empowerment within the world and in our organization.


we believe in collaborating over competing and through doing this, we will reach more youths thus creating a wider impact.

Outreach Programes

I- Self

Unearthing the “U” in “YOU”- for this project, our aim is to have people discover who they are and unearth …

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Social Development

Sports Extravaganza- this project was derived from training that was done by the team in strategizing how to work with …

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Environmental Development

Climate Change- this program empowers people to create environmentally friendly spaces through initiatives that are resilient and safe. We also …

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Empowerment through Employment

The Graduation photos are one of our Flagship programme funded by the UNDP,


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We distribute usable garments to the poorest of the poor children, women & men of all ages.



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