I-SEEED Youths was born out of the love and passion of its Founding/Executive Director Tracey-Ann Harriage, who has a special love and gift for serving young people. She started an organization in May 2017, in the cool rural community of Tydixon St. Catherine advocating for change and opportunities for the less fortunate. Her voice did not go unnoticed as she gained traction from the political representatives, parents in the adjoining communities, and policymakers who wanted her to work with both them and their children. She was very successful in doing so for 2 consecutive years, even starting another branch in Lluidas Vale, but when unforeseen circumstances arose, she decided to leave the community for “greener grass.”

Little did she know that there was no other person with that special love and gift within the community to continue with what she started. She received numerous calls and messages from parents and children to come back to the community, and after a year, she decided to go back. However, she had a new insight for change and rebranded the organization to I-SEEED Youths which is an acronym for I which is Self, Social, Educational, Entrepreneurial and Environmental Development.

She thought that instead of focusing on one specific area, it would be better to facilitate the development of whatever area a youth needs help in unearthing their unique talent and gift, thus creating a holistic approach. After attending an entire month-long function online which was geared towards the empowerment of Youths in November 2020 with DIA Lab and the Ministry of Education, she got together with some more youths and shared the vision, but they did not understand it at that time so it didn’t work out. However, she kept on going and shared it again with 2 other young ladies and they loved it, one of which is Domonique Darling who is our current 1st VP, so we came together and launched I-SEEED Youths in November 2020.

Since then, the organization has been executing numerous projects globally and has partners in numerous countries including:

  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Africa to include
    • Zimbabwe
    • Nigeria
    • Uganda
    • Liberia

Tracey-Ann prides herself to have an extraordinary team working with. She believes teamwork makes the dream work and as such, she believes in investing heavily in the seed. There is no I-SEEED Youths without her close-knitted team members who she calls family because that’s the culture that she encourages. UBUNTU, “I am because we are.”

Our Social Enterprise
We believe in enhancing our community members thus empowering our youths to be creative and create sustainability from within.

Our Social Enterprise was born from our Team Members who decided to use their own talents and expertise in providing services for persons and teaching them how to do same. It is a concept of Mentorship in which we have a youth who desires and has the passion for a particular trade work alongside an experienced team member in learning from them, after which they will be able to create their own business.

We also have a Greenhouse project in which we provide employment for community members, we sell the produce to provide their salaries and reinvest the profits to grow and scale the business for sustainability.

I- Self

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For those helpless children and people who need it every minute.