Development Holistically

Development Holistically

  • Mentorship Programs- the program provides the avenue for young people to identify their career goals through career testing and participating in engaging sessions led by experts in various fields. The mentees are enrolled in this program for one year and have the option to continue same after they have been evaluated. 


  • Metamorphosis Coaching and Counseling- the program is focused on enhancing people’s abilities to adopt positive behaviour that enable them to effectively deal with everyday life demands and challenges. The areas of focus include but are not limited to, interpersonal communications, self-confidence, self-esteem, creative thinking, healthy life choices, conflict management, teamwork, ethical work, and personal behaviour which in turn will create a transformation and holistic development.


  • Employability Training- this program came from our observations during some of our training sessions with young persons. As such the program seeks to provide essential employability skills that combine with an improved sense of self-awareness which prepares people for the work environment in their particular field. These employability skills will help people prepare themselves for the roles, and interviews and not just to get a job, but to stay in a job and work their way to the top. Some skills they will develop include, a positive attitude, communication, resilience, teamwork, and enhancing their critical thinking skills.


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