Educational Development

Educational Development

  • HEART NSTA Courses- we started this partnership because there were so many youths in the spaces who were in need of the training but were facing challenges in getting them done. We created a buffer between us and the institutions to provide these training, certifications, and employment opportunities for the youths. 


  • Remedial Courses called “Learn at your own pace in your own space”- we recognized that persons who might have either dropped out of school left school without any achievements because of lack of guidance or they were not afforded the opportunity to attend schools were interested in learning to read and write. We partnered with other stakeholders and persons in the communities who wanted to serve in helping them to do the courses as well as Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning.


  • Gender-based violence Awareness, Intervention, and Prevention Training- the Founder of I-SEEED Youths was affected by domestic violence in which she lived in a relationship for 10 years until she almost died. It was after she got out that she sought empowerment and educated herself and decided that she had to share her wealth of knowledge with others. Soon after the pandemic started and she got the shock of her life when domestic violence was named a shadow pandemic as such, she started doing International workshops with other partners to educate and empower youths globally to protect themselves and not fall victims. It was also from these sessions, she approached the Government in having her starting clubs specifically geared towards this in schools. 


  • Clubs in schools- this initiative came about in wanting to break the cycle of lack of education, and gender-based violence, and bring awareness to our organizations and our objectives.


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