Social Development

Social Development

  • Sports Extravaganza- this project was derived from training that was done by the team in strategizing how to work with at-risk youths. In coming up with the Extravaganza, we wanted to do inter-community activities which promote peace, love, and unity and embrace the uniqueness of each individual within the various communities. There were persons in the various communities who could not cross a border and we wanted to change that, so we came up with these sporting activities which brought people together. They would play various sporting events including football, netball, basketball, and track and field, we also used sports as a tool to teach them Math and English and in the end, there were prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.


  • Back-to-School Treat, Social and Health Fair- this started based on the experience of persons not having the basic necessities and documents to either send their children to school or carry out business. Also, we found out that people did not know how to get these documents and what we did was to partner with the various stakeholders and take them to the communities where it’s easily accessible so they could get them done at that moment. We also had parents who could not afford to provide their children with the items needed to go back to school and we have been assisting with providing medicals, dental, books, bags, pencils, pens, vouchers, and the various items to get them started comfortably in school. 


  • Summer Camp- this project derived from the need to engage youths in meaningful activities for a period of 28 days over the summer in various activities including sports, Math, English, and other educational enrichments. We provide meals, supplements, coaches, and other professionals to create a safe space for the children and also to alleviate the burden on the parents. We also contribute to the communities we serve by having internships and providing a stipend for the youths who would be supervisors for those children in the camp.


  • Bible Quiz- In everything we do, we ensure that we are giving thanks to our Almighty who has been providing for us every single day. As such, we created an activity for the youths to challenge themselves in learning about the bible in a fun way and be rewarded for same.


  • Award Ceremony- this program aims to recognize and motivate outstanding persons within the communities who have been giving their services unrelenting to others. We use this to motivate others to give back as people are not willing to give their services free of cost.


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