Founder & Director of Entrepreneurial Development

Ms. Tracey-Ann Harriage

Tracey-Ann Harriage is an AUTHENTIC Millennial who hails from the cool countryside of St. Catherine. She’s a Christian and an avid nature lover with undeniable green thumbs who believe in investing consistently in the seed. She’s also a budding Serial Entrepreneur, Metamorphosis Coach, Mother, Podcaster, and Author who is passionate about serving as a result of her tenacity and love for people. She’s an Advocate for survivors of Gender-based violence and equity as she’s also a Sur-Thriver of domestic violence and believes that people need empowerment on how to love themselves before anyone else and set meaningful boundaries on protecting and saving their lives. To learn more about Get Out Alive World, click this link Tracey-Ann Harriage (@getoutaliveworld) • Instagram photos and videos